For business inquiries, or anything really*, contact me via email at

*All unsolicited suggestions, ideas, etc. for DOORS are ignored and usually automatically deleted without review.

Welcome to my wonderful website!

I'm LightningSplash (usually shortened to LSPLASH), and our dev team is LSPLASH! That's not confusing at all, right? 

Glad to hear it!

We make games! I do programming, graphics design, sound design, music production, and some other stuff I probably forgot to list. However, to be fair, I'm more of a jack of all trades than an expert in any category.

Now, for the grand reveal... These games are on Roblox! Yeah, I can sense the respect you had for me (if any) just go down after reading that sentence. But trust me! The quality of these games are really high... or at least I think so. I think I'm credible. I don't know.

I really recommend you try out our latest and most popular game, DOORS! 

I think most of our 30,000,000+* players would recommend it too!

Scroll down for the link!

*Amount of unique players who obtained the achievement for playing at least 10 times.

Doors on Roblox

DOORS is a free roguelite horror game being created by me and Red!

I strongly recommend playing with as little knowledge of it as possible, and with no help or guide.

Supports 1-4* players.

*(can be forced up to 12 with Private Servers, but not recommended)

Vocab Havoc on RobloxRagdoll Universe on Roblox

RAGDOLL UNIVERSE is a physics-based movement shooter. We've unfortunately had to halt development indefinitely as we're focusing on DOORS.

VOCAB HAVOC is basically Wordle but you can battle against others to see who's the fastest guesser. Not much else to it. This game was really created for practice.

If you see an account on any platform who seems to be one of the developers on the LSPLASH team, make sure to confirm it's actually them.

Sorry that this website kinda sucks. I'm too lazy to redesign it.

There would be a funny quote right about here that would change every day, but I couldn't really figure out how to get that working.